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What!!! Are you in notice Period

Jan 4, 2016 / by kameshwar / In Jobs / Tags: , , / Leave a comment

Notice Period!!!

Notice Period

Notice Period

What! Really!? .… Why!? …. Kitne offers hai, bhai…. Don’t tell me you are getting married this early and leaving this city where you have been brought up… Tum to chupa rustam nikle .… What next …. You could have stayed an year more, you know you are topping the list of best rating this year, it’s not official but pakka bol raha hu ek aur saal rukho…. Dude, going for higher studies? .… Yeah you did right thing of deciding to jump at this point of time on your career life .… Oh that company, their working culture is too cool man……………. Once you drop the papers and as soon as that becomes “the news”, you are definitely gonna be enquired with curious questions and free advice like these ones.

Yes, you might have a lot of reason to quit your current job. But there is this “notice period” which OFFICIALLY & constantly reminds you about the countdown of relationship with the company.

Coming to relatives, they are more curious than your parents/partner or even your boss..! When the news of you resigning THE GOLDEN JOB spreads faster than fire in the community, you will get variety of creative questions. Seriously, their thinking deserves a standing ovation. Temporarily, that aunt who is a distant relative of yours, who is more worried about your delayed marriage or about you having a baby, becomes more eager on this topic than your parents/ partner and yourself, all of a sudden.

On serious note, duty comes first. Company still pays you for notice period, you may have other commitments in the duration but it’s very important to provide KT aka knowledge transfer to the concerned resource who will take over the work.

One might strictly follow the golden rule of corporate of ‘love your job but not company’, but after all we are human beings and a bonding naturally develops with the company and people (which may fade gradually) with whom you spend more than 40% of awaken time in a week!

It’s quite emotional if you are associated with the environment for a long duration or if it’s a special working place for various reasons, be it first job or some immense achievement on professional front..! So it becomes important to mentally detach from it all.

At the same time one must not forget to enjoy the very few left over moments with that SET of people at the moment! Yes, this is a small world and we cross people, but not at the same environment! Not with the same boss, not with the same work, not with the same cubicle, right? So go out and make memories. 10 years down the lane when your boss or a colleague sees you randomly, the first thing that hits his mind will be the memories you guys had and neither the awesome excel sheet nor the screwed up presentation..!

So go out there and make memories, too..!!

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